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Sat. JUNE 25th
9:00 am - 8:00 pm

​  9:15 am - Welcome ADDRESS
  9:30 AM - Meditation
  9:45 AM - 'I AM' Exercise
10:00 AM - 3-way mirror
11:30 AM -  Healing Dance
11:55 AM - community dance
12:30 pm - four corners
12:35 pm - shadow work
  1:30 PM - grounding
  1:30 PM - lunch, quiet rooms open

  2:30 PM - grounding
  2:45 PM - womb healing
  3:45 PM - elder recognition
  4:00 PM - video
  4:40 PM - dinner, check-in
  7:00 PM - forgiveness ritual

sun. April 26th
8:00 am - 2:30 pm

  9:15 am - BREAKFAST
12:15 pm - CLOSING
  1:30 pm - LUNCH



Euda K Best

I am a Spiritual Guide, Akashic Records and Cardology reader and a 200 hr certified yoga/meditation instructor with over 5 years teaching experience looking for new private and semi-private clients looking for guidance in building/re-building their lives / institutions.



 Ifayale Adeoni Senakhu has been an active part of the Denver Cultural community since 1983. She has initiated and been involved in the creative healing arts, weaving together nature, wellness, ritual, movement, spirituality, black history, and self exploration. Currently, she is the founder and artistic director for IWADDE (Intergenerational Women’s African Drum and Dance Ensemble), a NADA/DETOX practitioner with Communities With Intentions, a member of the SATYA Yoga Cooperative, co-founder of Ibeji Healing Arts, and the Presiding Priestess for a Denver Ifa community.

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Hasira 'H-Soul' Ashemu was born and raised in Northeast Denver, CO an East Angel graduate, attended Howard University “The Mecca” and later traveled the world spending a decade living in Africa raising his family in Ghana. Hasira is a prolific writer, speaker, facilitator, communications professional who has been using his talents, experience and skills to create and support institutional and community initiatives that usher in social change.


Jasmine Elizabeth

Jasmine Elizabeth is an Entrepreneur,  Event Curator, Mama and Life Coach 

committed to being the hands and feet of our Creator. God pours in, She pours out. For event curation, coaching and consulting please visit


Mama Jah

Jahsasamut Apuatu has practiced meditation since her early teens. She is a priestess in the Ausar Auset Society, a Pan African religious organization. She provides individual spiritual counseling, as well as classes and workshops on Meditation, Health & Longevity, Stress Management, QiGong, and the IChing Oracle System.


Wendy Talley

Wendy’s career is a rich tapestry of community advocacy and engagement as a highly seasoned professional facilitator, life coach and trainer. Wendy has worked for over 36 years in the field of social issues facing vulnerable populations including health, poverty, housing, homelessness, incarceration, mental health. Wendy has over 20 years of leadership education, transformational program design and delivery


Cassandra P Craft

Cassandra P Craft is the Chief Strategist Officer for the Righteous Rage Institute for Healing and Social Justice. With over 25 years in the nonprofit sector, Cassandra possesses a wealth of experience steeped in early childhood education, public policy, administration, human resources, capacity building, diversity, equity, inclusion, cultural consciousness, awareness campaigns, community and family engagement.


Anetria Bankston

Program and Partnership Director


Kenda Bell

Kenda Bell, aka the 'Joy Factor Mama' is a  spiritual nutritionist and author of the novel 'For Every Love There Is A Reason'.  She is a highly esteemed PSALMS certified coach who utilizes her intuitive gifts alongside a host of certified tools to support clients in taking advantage of every sacred opportunity life offers to experience themselves & others with more joy and power.


Cynthia Randall

Cynthia Randall, Program Manager, Latino Coalition for Community Leadership is a Certified Addiction Specialist, Unlicensed Psychotherapist and Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist, and a practitioner of holistic care and traditional medicine. Cynthia is an extraordinary family advocate, a champion for social justice, and community connector. With over 20 years experience in human services, restorative justice facilitation, and program development.


Allison Brown

Allison is the Director of Consulting and Training for RRI and has worked as a consultant primarily supporting Social Justice movement building and Education Justice work for the past 15 years. She also is a leader and co-faciltiator for RRI's flagship training programs, including Awareness to Ally to Abolitionist and Truth to Transformation corporate training. As a member of the Righteous Rage's executive leadership team, she also supports organizational strategic visioning, community-based programming, and helping achieve the transformational mission of RRI. 


Monique Jamison Bankston

Chief Network Operation Officer

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