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The Podcast:
To Heal A People 

Our new podcast series is now live. 
Listen in as H-Soul takes you through To Heal A People's 4 Rings of Healing, sharing wisdom from Black and Indigenous thought-leaders and changemakers from around the world.

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About the Podcast

What’s it really gonna take To Heal a People?  In this new podcast, Hasira 'Soul' Ashemu breaks down wisdom from Black and Indigenous experts and changemakers, giving a fresh take on the steps to health, healing and joy.


Using the knowledge of our pasts to propel ourselves, our relationships, our passions and ultimately our communities forward - we’ll give you the tools and concepts to get your part of the werk in! 


LATEST Episodes

About your Host

Hasira 'Soul' Ashemu is a writer, speaker, and beloved Community Organizer in Denver Colorado.  Founder of the Righteous Rage Institute for Healing and Social Justice, the name Hasira translates to “righteous rage”, gifted to him from his father Lauren R. Watson, a member of the Black Panther Party.

H-Soul has earned an impressive breadth of achievements facilitating healing journeys, consulting and coaching sessions at the individual, community, nonprofit and corporate level.  He has led anti-bias training for public school districts and higher learning institutions, and worked in  the non-profit and governmental sectors in the United States and five African nations.

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