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Agape Couples Massage

Agape Couples Massage


Agape Couples Massage Course

Online Course: Agape Couples Massage

  • Full access to online course vidoes

  • His/Hers Agape couples T-shirts

  • 30 minute consultation about how to use this course and ask questions.

Let’s strengthen our relationship with Agape Couples Massage strategies and techniques.  Most couples aren't aware of their spouse or partner’s non verbal cues, indicating they are in pain or stress. The pain or stress being experienced, maybe be in due to the lack of touch. This lack of touch, lack awareness and lack of intimacy around the world with couples is growing at an alarming rate.

We created the Agape couples massage course to help couples strengthen their relationship/marriage through the gift of touch. Our unique massage technique for couples will allow you to provide the gift of touch, intimacy, improve non-verbal communication, relief of pain and stress for your partner or spouse without stress or pain in your hands.

About the Healer:

Jason Thompson, a Denver native, is a husband and father of 4, a self-employed massage therapist, an author, and an entrepreneur. He started MyaTherapy 14 years ago because he saw a need in his community.

The Purpose of MyaTherapy is to SERVE and provide you with an experience that will create the best versions of yourself as possible off the massage table, based on the process we do with you while you are on the table creating total muscle + mind transformation.

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