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Euda K. Best

Euda K. Best

Phone:  303-525-2265




Holistic healing

Cardology Reading 

Cardology is the intersection of astrology and divination using "regular" playing cards. We all have a birth card and an extremely accurate birth chart based upon our date of birth. Cardology readings are especially wonderful for helping clients "remember who they are" and reconnect with their destiny. Cardology also helps us understand the karma and lessons our relationships are trying to teach us.

Sweet Heat Yoga/Meditation

Sweet Heat is a gentle, breath-centered, but also heating building yoga and guided meditation session. 1.5 hours

Resting in our Records

Resting in our Records is a gentle, restorative yoga and guided meditation session practiced in the participant's Akashic Records. Participants will experience profound relaxation and shed energetic density leaving them refreshed and energized

About the Healer:

Euda K. Best is an engineer turned math instructor turned mystical spiritualist. She is certified in Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) and loves offering a practice she calls "Sweet Heat" which is gentle, breath-centered yoga featuring a little bit of heat building and Yoga Nidra at the end. She is also an Akashic Records and Cardology reader and offers a session she calls IntegraTalks for those who are not comfortable with the Records or the cards. Euda also enjoys holding space for art therapy sessions, especially vision boarding and coloring. She is clear that humanity is in the process of EVOLving and it is her mission to speed that process up by "Helping us all remember who we are."

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