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Jason Thompson




Phone: 303 895 5982


Healing Massage

4 90-mins sessions

At MyaTherapy, we believe in the importance of not only pain management, but total “body management”. To achieve this, it is necessary to take a holistic approach that includes the mind, body and spirit. The Muscle and Mind Transformation program encapsulates a consistent method to reducing stress, staying fit, and fostering overall good health.

Most massage companies are not doing enough to help people live a stress-free life. At MyaTherapy we understand this problem, so we created a proprietary consistent Body mapping system to pinpoint, eliminate, stress and pain so we can help 1 million people experience Total muscle + mind transformation to maximize their potential.

About the Healer:

Jason Thompson, a Denver native, is a husband and father of 4, a self-employed massage therapist, an author, and an entrepreneur. He started MyaTherapy 14 years ago because he saw a need in his community.

The Purpose of MyaTherapy is to SERVE and provide you with an experience that will create the best versions of yourself as possible off the massage table, based on the process we do with you while you are on the table creating total muscle + mind transformation.

The goal for our sessions is to maximize our time together, using our Body mapping system every session is based on effectiveness and efficiency.

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