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Kareem Ahmenatu

Shadow Work


Phone: (303) 564-3079


Shadow Integration Coaching

Shadow Integration Coaching creates a profound shift in behavior, spirit, attitude and emotional well-being. When you have an issue to work, we take you through a process that begins with your goals — what you want to accomplish relative to your issue — and ends with strategies for how to integrate what you’ve learned into your life. In between these two bookends lies a path of deep inquiry, experimentation and emotional catharsis.

Why Shadow Integration Coaching can be successful for three key reasons:

  1. Core Patterns: Shadow Integration Coaching seeks to uncover core psychological and behavioral patterns that underlie your issues. Once you see and shift a core pattern, it usually shifts other secondary patterns concurrently. This provides the added benefit of evolving many dynamics at the same time!

  2. Risk Assessment: When it comes to change, few accomplishments come without a price. In my years of working with people, I have found that safely identifying and exploring your risks greatly increases your ability to make substantial changes. It’s a psychological paradox that succeeds almost every time. It works because a risk is something you choose to take. This creates an experience where you control how far you want to push yourself. It allows you to choose the risks you are willing to take in order to get what you want.

  3. A Safe Learning Environment: Although it’s an intense experience, Shadow Integration Coaching provides you with an environment free from shame, blame and judgment. The willingness to explore your issues deeply, in all their facets, can be risky. I want you to feel comfortable and safe to reveal whatever you choose. I don’t judge or shame you. And when you stop judging yourself, this is the moment you find the energy to change. If blaming yourself really worked, it would have worked by now!

About the Healer:

Kareem Heru I-Ahmenatu has been committed for more than 12 years to educating and empowering adults and youth and has worked for 10 years as a counselor and a mentor. He got involved in this work in 2006 and is a Certified Shadow Work® Coach. Aside from being a participant in the opportunities this work has delivered to him, he now can cultivate and nourish his conviction to help others in way that brings them some level of change in their lives in the areas that are important to them. Through these years of instituting and pioneering his conviction, he can say he is a beacon of light and with that light he allows others to see their light.

In life when you have problems, situations that may seem impossible to get through, as a coach in this work, Kareem will stand beside you as you redefine your life. If you are like many people, you have habits that have become so much a part of who you are that they are difficult to change. When change is difficult, a step is missing. The missing step involves looking at parts of ourselves we have denied or thrown into our shadow, thinking we can hide them from others. When we do that, they are also hidden from ourselves and hinder us from developing some of our most precious gifts, talents and capacities. Just like exercising to increase your physical strength, Shadow Work® alters your physical reactions to emotional situations and allows you to strengthen new pathways and dissolve old, ineffective ways of being.

“Being a Shadow Work® coach has given me the opportunity to be a wonderful friend, guide, experienced communicator and listener. I am a lover of life and a seeker of universal truth, to which I attribute my own personal growth and which is reflected in the work I do with clients.”

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