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Micheala Sanders

Nouri Energi


Call: 720-502-1171

Text or FaceTime: 720-987-9110



Soma Alchemy

1-on-1 Soma Alchemy: This session is a blend of massage, energy medicine, and ancestral healing. This will take up to 2 hours, based upon what we decide when we book the day and time of your session.

About the Healer:

Micheala is a Denver-based ancestral therapeutic healer and Licensed Massage Therapist. She received an Associates of Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy with an emphasis in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Sports Performance Massage, and Reflexology in September 2005 from The Colorado School of Healing Arts. Micheala then completed the Spa Sciences and Neuromuscular program at The Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2008. She brings a spa aesthetic to every session so that relaxation and comfort are the first things that are offered to her clients. Micheala completed a four year Shamanic Apprenticeship with Nataline R. Cruz in March 2020 and a Hilot: Traditional Filipino Healing certification in February 2021. Micheala is a certified Meditation Instructor and has facilitated women's groups. She was ordained by the Spiritualist Church of African Traditions Yahweh in August 2020 for a Ministry in Therapeutic Touch, Ancestral Indigenous Practices, and Energy Medicine. Micheala has also taken courses in womb healing, yoni steaming, and breathwork. Micheala integrates her experiences, skills, and intuition to create services that heal the whole person. Micheala specializes in Hydrotherapy while incorporating the use of heat and cold with sprinkles of crystal layouts, Reiki, energetic cleansing, Cranial Sacral Therapy - depending on the client's needs. Micheala has 20 years of continuous experience in massage, in multiple settings and clients of all backgrounds. She continues to study and is currently enrolled in a Yoga Instructor Certification program with the Satya Yoga Cooperative to further her therapeutic methods.

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