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morgynne tora

Blood Mathematics


Phone: tel: +17204548449



Blood Mathematician

In this intuitive consultation I will create sacred space to channel, read and bring forth in this dimension, a design curated by your blood's specific math. I focus on intergenerational healing in the blood 7 generations back and forward, amplifying your personal medicine and magick, releasing compounded trauma and easing chronic pain through tatu.

About the Healer:

morgynne tora is an ultra-dimensional traveler, cultivator of culture, and collective faith keeper. They have a decade of experience in culturally relevant facilitation rooted in practices of indigenous storytelling. Morgynne practices veiqia, the tatu practice of the iTaukei people, with the intention of amplifying intergenerational healing and indigenization of the body. They are an artist of archival remembrance, diligently recording the dialogue between our collective bodies.

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