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Mya Miller

Healing with Mya


Phone: 720-244-2203

How to Book:  Text message


Ancestral Healing and more

Mya offers Medical Qi Gong, Shamanic Practices, Ancestral Healing, & Smoke Medicine

Medical Qigong is the study of Chi (lifeforce energy), and how it manifests in the body as dis-EASE, illness, and imbalances. My job as the practitioner is to detect where this disorganized energy is located in the body, and develop a healing program consisting of energy work, nutritional refinements, movement, breathwork, and lifestyle changes to resolve this issue, and bring you back into balance. I am able to work with people who are seeking everyday spiritual and energetic alignment all the way to cancer and cardiovascular patients. This beautiful eastern medicine grants people a new, less invasive avenue for healing. One that is holistic, miraculous, and designed specifically to you! 

About the Healer:

Mya Miller is a Medical Qigong and ancestral healing practitioner. She combines these Chinese and Andean/Aztec modalities to create a unique, and profound healing experience. Myas medical Qigong background consist of energy work, movement, breathwork, nutrition and supplementation, while her ancestral healing connects her to nature-based healings such as limpias, as well as deep spiritual work such as soul retrieval, shamanic journeys, cord cutting, and blessings of any kind.

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