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Nicole Moore

Compassionate Counseling of Denver


Compassionate Counseling

Up to 3 sessions of counselling with Nicole.

About the Healer:

Nicole weaves ancestral healing, art therapy, and clinical psycho therapeutic modalities. Her focus on mental health and holistic healing practices offer a unique combination of education, mobilization, and liberation through creative expression, world travel, and music. In addition to her private practice, she currently collaborates with Swallow Hill Music, blending music with social emotional curriculum for their Little Swallows Outreach Program. She also is an abstract artist and percussionist.

I meet clients where they are at. I offer an eclectic approach that is specifically designed for each person's need based on evidence based modalities and blend holistic, ancestral, and art healing modalities with CBT, DBT, Client Centered, Transpersonal, and Somatic approaches.

As a practitioner I am here to assist you in becoming a self healer and build your personal tool box. My only goals are that through co-creation we are able to get you to a place where you are processing old wounds, current circumstances and moving in a direction of healing body, mind, and spirit. Showing up fully and unapologetically ready to thrive.

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