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Tyrone Beverly




Access to Virtual Yoga Platform.  Details to follow.

About the Healer:

Founder and Executive Director of Im’Unique, Tyrone Beverly is Colorado's leading advocate for inclusivity in yoga. He has been featured in Yoga Journal, Wanderlust, and has also taught at Yoga Journal Live, Wanderlust Festival, and holds the honor of being a Lululemon Ambassador. His extreme passion for equality, humans rights, unity, and physical and social health has kickstarted a wellness movement that utilizes yoga as a means to unite communities and foster healthy lifestyles across the nation, creating new standards for health and wellness. He is the first ever yoga instructor to be nominated for the Colorado 9NEWS Leaders of the Year Award.

Both internationally and nationally known, Tyrone has touched global communities by successfully taking his health initiative to locations such as the Ragamuffin Summer Camp in Settlement Jamaica, Asheville NC, New York, Philadelphia and many more. His enthusiasm and energy for quality of life for all continues to increase participation by drawing those of all ages, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds. His efforts supersede stereotypes and create avenues that permeate social and cultural barriers from a health framework. Thus, Tyrone’s life work epitomizes his vision of a future with more problem-solvers and solution-based thinkers that are equipped to deal with the historical and systematic challenges we face as a society. Each year he reaches thousands of people and continues to contribute to a better society.

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