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Welcome to the Goddess Pathway: an 8-week challenge designed for select members of Black People Breathe to call forth, nurture and honor the inner goddess. 


We will meet weekly, with each week of the challenge centering around one of the 7 chakras.  A closed Facebook group has been created to serve as a container for our conversations and insights together as a group:

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healer services

The Goddess Pathway offers various healing services throughout the challenge, each designed to heal and elevate a different chakra.  Each participant is entitled to one (1) session with each healer, to be booked and used on or by August 17th, 2022.  The service is not transferrable or redeemable for cash value.  For 1-on-1 services, contact each healer individually to schedule an appointment with them.

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Cupping Therapy

Balancing Qi From within

Our body's natural flow of Qi can become thrown out of balance when we experience emotional trauma in our everyday lives. Corey offers the following services as well as other :modalities within Chinese medicine to bring the body's Qi back into alignment. Accupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, tui na massage, electrical stimulation, guasha, herbal/nutritional recommendations

Balancing Qi From Within

Corey Brown


Natural Flow of Life Acupuncture and Herbs

Root Chakra:

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about melissa

For over 20 years, Melissa has been a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Practitioner of Asian Bodywork Therapy. Additionally, She is a 500-Hour Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and a Doula, proudly trained by Debra Pascali Bonaro. Originally from New York City, Melissa is also a Certified Full Spectrum Doula, Social Justice Activist and was a member of The Doula Project. For five years, she was a Professor of Massage Therapy in New York City. There, she trained massage professionals in: Shiatsu, Swedish and Myofascial Therapy. As an Asian Bodywork Therapist with over 500 hours of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Melissa offers Amma Therapy, Nutritional recommendations and Herbal recommendations. 

massage therapy

Melissa Haile


moss north therapy

sacral chakra:

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blood mathematics

morgynne tora


blood mathematician

solar plexus Chakra:


Blood Mathematics: 1 Reading + ink

In this intuitive consultation I will create sacred space to channel, read and bring forth in this dimension, a design curated by your blood's specific math. we focus on intergenerational healing in the blood 7 generations multidimensionally, amplifying your personal medicine and magick, releasing compounded trauma and easing chronic pain.  you will receive consent forms upon scheduling tattoo ritual. 

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Lati Okan "From the Heart" Circle

Ibeji Healing Arts


wendy & senakhu

Heart Chakra:

Saturday, July 23

Time: 2-4 PM
Location: Posner Center for International Development 1031 33rd St, Denver, CO 80205, United States

A community African Drum and Dance Circle - A Time to Synchronize.

Lati Okon "From the Heart" Circle for Saturday, July 23rd, 2-4p. Ibeji Healing Arts is holding a community healing circle -  A Time To Reset, Reconnect and Revive.  Please join  Ibeji Healing Arts as we create a collective space to  pause. You will experience sound vibration, aromatherapy and NADA ear acupuncture. Be open to receiving , please wear white or light clothing. 

TICkets limited to 30 seats, rsvp required

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readings & wisdom

mama jah


throat Chakra:

White Sand and Stone

readings & wisdom

1 session of Readings & Wisdom with Mama Jah: Learn your life's purpose. What did you came to earth to learn and accomplish and are you in alignment with your destiny?

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cardology or resting in our records

euda k. best

Euda K Best Headshot.jpg

third eye Chakra:

Playing Cards

akashic cardology

Cardology is the intersection of astrology and divination using "regular" playing cards. We all have a birth card and an extremely accurate birth chart based upon our date of birth. Cardology readings are especially wonderful for helping clients "remember who they are" and reconnect with their destiny. Cardology also helps us understand the karma and lessons our relationships are trying to teach us.

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Self. Centered.

teniqua pope


crown Chakra:


August 17th

6:00- 7:30 PM


"Self. Centered." is A 30 Day Guided Journey to Radical, Unapologetic, Life Affirming Self Love. Here, you will practice acknowledging, embracing, and caring for your whole self, growing past doubt and regret, and aligning yourself with your inner vision for your life.

Posner Center for International Development 1031 33rd St, Denver, CO 80205, United States

see you there!



Antonia Skeete

Divine Goddess Pathway Conductor, 


Cassandra P Craft

Chief Strategist Officer


Anetria Bankston

Program and Partnership Director

Euda K Best Headshot.jpg

Euda K Best

Divine Goddess Pathway Conductor


Allison Brown

Director of Consulting


Monique Jamison Bankston

Chief Network Operation Officer

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Chief Visionary Officer, To Heal A People


Jasmine Elizabeth

Event Curator

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