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S1E8: Chet Sisk on futurism, individualism and tribalism, and living in harmony with Humanity

Rugged individualism in western culture and society has harmed us as a whole. The pandemic and other shared crisis gives us an opportunity to turn to the concept of Ubuntu - “I am because we are.” Listen to Nationally Renowned “The Futurist” Chet Sisk discuss the belief that when we work, live and love alongside one another and ditch the idea that it’s “every man for himself” - we can truly tackle some of the worlds greatest plights.

This episode talks about: the global economy, tribalism, restoring traditional economic systems, existential crisis, the sharing economy.


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About Chet Sisk

Futurist/Author Chet W. Sisk is the founder of Universal Basic Resources – an organization dedicated to providing technological resources to community groups around the world. He is also a partner with the International Institute of Inspiration Economy.


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