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S1E9: BONUS- Alternative Healing Modalities ft. Ali Duncan and Bei Maejor

Closing off Season 1 of To Heal A People podcast, we have a bonus episode dedicated to all 4 rings of healing, featuring the wisdom of two deeply inspiring changemakers from within our community. Ali Duncan, an intuitive healer, speaks to us about her journey from former police officer to yogi and about the power of resiliency and its ability to manage trauma and disease.

We hear the wisdom of world renowned music producer Maejor, his journey from survivor to healer, and his mission to bring sound healing intentional frequency into the mainstream, after his own personal journey with cancer.

This episode talks about: reiki healing, quantum healing, sound frequency healing, and holistic practices.


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About Ali Duncan

Ali has been sharing her passion for helping others for over 15 years in the form of healing through yoga and energy recalibration. Ali studied yoga, meditation, and pranayama in Rishikesh, India where she fell in love with the country and rituals. Practicing yoga for over 20 years, Ali creates unique classes that support different healing needs. Her different paths have led her to experience the wonderful power of energy healing in all her offerings. Her intuitive work takes on many forms but the results are the same, clearing of trapped emotions, stronger connection to self, blocks removed, physical and mental balance, and health.

About Bei Maejor

Brandon Green, better known by his stage name Bei Maejoy, is a recored producer, singer, and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. Green has written and produced songs for several prominent artists in the music industry.


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