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S1E3: H-Soul on the 5 Fundamental Tenets of Relationships

“Love is actually the byproduct of having sustained and done the work of realignment. It is not what you walk into the relationship with”.


In this episode, H-Soul takes us on a deep dive into Ring 2 of To Heal A People's 'Rings of Healing': Relationships. We're not talking about the kinds of relationships seen in fairytales, we're talking about the real, gritty, good-bad-and-ugly kind of real-life relationships that push us to grow.

H-Soul shares with us the 5 fundamental tenets of Relationships and holistic relating, as made popular by The Progressive Love Academy :

  1. The purpose of relationships is growth, the benefit is love

  2. No copouts, no dropouts

  3. No victims, no villains

  4. No shame, no blame

  5. I Create My Life

Join in while we identify the problems we encounter and solutions to having healthy, holistic and sustainable relationships, and to understand why we are in them in the first place.


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