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S1E4: H-Soul and Kenda Bell: Healing Victimhood and growing Personal Accountability in Relationships

It's time to get courageous and improve the lives we create by tackling personal accountability. In this episode, we talk with Kenda Bell aka "The Joy Factor Mama!" who helps us delve into one of 5 Progressive Love Tenets: No Shame, No Blame. Together with Kenda, H-Soul takes us deeper into Ring 2 of To Heal A People's 4 Ring System of Healing: and that's healing our Relationships. We revisit the 5 Relationship Tenets (listen to S1E3: H-Soul on the 5 Fundamental Tenets of Relationships) to get Kenda's wisdom on what's essential in achieving a happy and healthy relationship with others, but most importantly ourselves.


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About Kenda Bell:

Kenda Bell, aka the 'Joy Factor Mama' is a spiritual nutritionist and author of the novel 'For Every Love There Is A Reason'. She is a highly esteemed PSALMS certified coach who utilizes her intuitive gifts alongside a host of certified tools to support clients in taking advantage of every sacred opportunity life offers to experience themselves & others with more joy and power.


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